G.E.D. Enrollment for Court Ordered JISD Students
Effective Jun 1, 2009
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The Staff and faculty of the Jacksonville Literacy Council will gladly provide educational instruction to any JISD student who has been court ordered to earn the G.E.D. or else attend the Job Corps training program. Enrollment in the Literacy Council G.E.D. class is strictly voluntary, and should be with court and parental consent. The terms for enrollment in the G.E.D. class are as follow:

Tuition to attend classes will be $20 per month, paid in advance, until the G.E.D. has been earned or the student transfers to another G.E.D. program. The first month’s tuition will pay for the study book used in the class instruction that will become the property of the enrolled student.

Attendance in classes will be reported monthly to the court and to the JISD to give the student credit for meeting their full legal obligations.

The Literacy Council will assist all G.E.D. graduates desiring to continue their education in college or vocational schools, in so far as is possible.

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The Jacksonville Literacy Council enters into agreement with the following student and his/her parent or guardian for enrollment in the G.E.D. program according to the above specified terms:

Student Printed Name:___________________________________________Date_____________

Student Signature:______________________________________________Date_____________

Parent or Guardian Consent:_____________________________________Date_____________

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