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The Jacksonville Literacy Council (JLC) was formed in 1992 to meet the educational needs of the community that had been identified by a study group appointed by the City Public Library. Only 50% of the population in Cherokee County has earned a high school diploma or GED. Many, many residents need to learn English as a Second language in order to assimilate productively into the community. Thanks to the efforts of many dedicated volunteers and the generous donations of multiple benefactors, over 100 people each week are being provided literacy training through the JLC. The program is steadily growing every year, and there is still much to be done.

The purpose of the Jacksonville (TX) Literacy Council (JLC) is to improve literacy by:

  • Increasing community awareness of illiteracy, its effect, and available resources.

  • Supplying a means for those interested in literacy to share and exchange information, experience, and resource materials.

  • Coordinating the teaching of literacy skills through the identification of non-readers and the recruiting and training of literacy teachers and tutors.

  • Providing support for literacy teachers and tutors of classes provided by the JLC.

The goal and objective of the JLC is to help those who would make the considerable effort to gain control of the written and spoken word to become more self-sufficient and self supporting members of the community. Newly literate people can better meet their basic needs in health and housing; can more easily gain employment or generate other means of support; and can better preserve and utilize the land and other resources. Newly literate citizens can strengthen families, communities, and culture; and play positive and peaceful roles in the transformation of their societies. Fulfilling these worthy goals is the enduring purpose of the Jacksonville Literacy Council.

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Jacksonville Literacy Council
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Jacksonville, TX 75766
Tel (903) 586-6125
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Program Director:
Nancy Sonntag